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Photos | Kirra & Greenmount Explode With Cyclone Gita Goodness


GALLERY: Give yourself an uppercut if you didn’t get amongst it this morning on the southern end of the Gold Coast in one way or another.

The swell bumped up overnight to dish out a morning of very, very solid surf on the southern point breaks, with kegs big enough to park your car in rifling through the top of the tide – and it’s far from over yet!

With the swell expected to peak some time late tonight or tomorrow morning, it looks like we could see a couple of feet on top of this yet.

Here’s a couple of shots from this morning’s show. All pics by Luke Sorensen for LiQUiFY.




It was the usual dog and pony show with random acts of uninvited sharing, Brent Dorrington feeling the burn.


Dean Morrison on a drainer


Twin Cyclone Systems Approaching – Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast In The Firing Line


UPDATE | Feb 12th

And here we go … as forecast, the cyclonic event (now named officially as Cyclone Gita) is taking shape near the Tongan islands just south of Fiji and the forecast has been upgraded.

Updated models show a soon to be Category 5 cyclone headed towards and into the Coral Sea later this week bringing a very significant swell event into the eastern Australian swell window.

The system is likely to turn southeast towards New Zealand as we reported earlier that some models were showing. It will not likely cross the coast in Australia as some early models showed however it will generate extreme swell for the Coral Sea.

Tonga has declared a state of emergency ahead of tonight’s arrival of the storm as it tracks towards a direct hit on Ohonua and ‘Eua – our thoughts are with them all.


EARLIER | Feb 9th

VIDEO: BRACE FOR IMPACT – massive swell event possible for South East Queensland.

A rare and potentially devastating scenario is starting to surface on forecast models showing not one, but two back-to-back cyclones of notable size and strength forecast to hit the Coral Sea and potentially smash the southern Queensland coasts in the middle of February (see video below).

Something like this could be on the cards, or even much, much, bigger // Photo Luke Sorensen


Current forecast modelling shows two significant storms potentially brewing off our coastline later next week and pushing westwards towards South East Queensland. Whilst there is some variance between different modelling systems, all of them predict a cyclonic event which will begin to affect the Queensland coast in the later half of next week.

We stress that these forecasts are likely to be fluid and change and cyclones are notoriously unpredictable, although one model currently shows at least one of the systems smashing into the Queensland coast somewhere between the Brisbane and Rockhampton on or around February 19th. Other modelling shows a more southward trend over New Zealand and the possibility of the major storm glancing into New Zealand’s northern region.


Source |


This swell event is likely to make last week’s remnant cyclone swell that lit up the beaches and point breaks of the Gold Coast Sunshine Coast look little more that an insignificant taster or entree for this – the deluxe main course of potential back-to-back powerful storm swells, intense wind and concentrated rainfall.

Despite the Gold Coast mayor’s claims that the recent dredging operations along the Gold Coast had protected our beaches from the most recent swell event, significant scouring and sand loss was witnessed at several beaches including at Burleigh.


Big surf washes away beach sand at Burleigh last week / via ABC news


The current forecasts predict sustained swell of up to and exceeding 8 metres just off our coast as the first, more powerful cyclone heads towards land. This can also mean intermittent and rogue waves can be generated at twice that height around the storm’s centre mass.

It is very likely that our beaches will take a battering if these storms follow their predicted paths, although swell is just one factor we may have to contend with.

Also predicted is a significant rain event where the first cyclone crosses the coast and slows down, bringing with it likely flooding and storm surge that will impact property.

Should the system maintain intensity as it hits the coast, extreme winds will also be a factor to consider.

We will be watching these systems as they develop and hoping that we get the conditions to handle the enormous swell and turn on the surf, without the negative side impacts of property damage and beach losses.


COG Delivers Scorching Early Xmas Present To Their Byron Bay Fans – Gallery


PHOTOS: Byron Bay’s (ex Bondi) reformed and renewed rock icons Cog lit up The Northern again on Friday night as they hosted a sold out show for their local tribe – a precursor show ahead of the release of their first new music in years, coming early in 2018.

Opening for Cog were Gold Coast ball tearers Hammers who put on one of the best support-band acts we’ve seen in a long time, if you haven’t checked these guys out yet then give yourself an uppercut.

We’re told that this show made the previous night’s sauna at the Gold Coast’s Miami Marketta look and sound like a train wreck in comparison with reports that the Marketta show was so blistering hot, humid and unbearably packed that people actually bailed half way through.

Cog, led by a dominating Flynn Gower on guitar and vocals, ran through a set of classic and spellbinding Cog anthems and lesser-played tracks from their catalogue including What If, The River Song, Charades, Bird Of Feather and The Town Of Lincoln, finishing with a mesmerising rendition of Bitter Pills.

All photos by Luke Sorensen for LiQUiFY







Midnight Oil’s Triumphant Return Shakes Rattles The Cage – Brisbane Photos


And just like that, it’s as if they never left – never took a sideward step – such were the powerful and provocative performances that Midnight Oil put on this week at Brisbane’s Riverstage.

Out of the gates they came with intent and purpose, with the enigmatic Peter Garrett fronting his band who smashed out an endless stream of purely sensational hits that were perfectly melded together by a few obscure and less-performed songs.

Garrett, seamlessly returned to the provocative and progressive wit for which he is renowned, leaving his alter-self – the Labor politician – in his wake. Taking moments to discuss a broad range of issues in between songs his banter eventually took aim at his take on the over development and longstanding exploitation of the Gold Coast by bent developers and politicians, who did their best to respond in the days to come, only to make themselves seem even more desperate and out of touch than they already were.

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Power and the Passion
Beds Are Burning
Blue Sky Mine
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The Dead Heart
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