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FULL VIDEO: Mick Fanning’s Mysto Point Break Session From Ripcurl’s Search


Mick Fanning and the mysto super right-hand point break from some dream planet, in full! Where and what is this thing? Full throttle Mick and the most sought after place on the surfing earth right now.


Mick Fanning Awarded Second Highest Civilian Honour At Australia Day Awards


Three-time world surfing champion and now to be known as Mick Fanning, Officer of the order of Australia – that’s the news that Mick’s mother Liz Osbourne had the proud honour of delivering to him ahead of this year’s Australia Day commemorations and celebrations.

Fanning joins with fellow Australian former world surfing champion Layne Beachley as one of the few surfers to ever have the honour bestowed upon them.

“He wasn’t sure and when I told him it was the second top civilian honour, he was just speechless,” Liz told the Gold Coast Bulletin.

She added, “I said ‘Mick, you’re 35 years old, people wait a lifetime for this’ and he said ‘I can’t believe how honoured I am’ and I said ‘you know what, Mick? I’m honoured that you’re my son’.”

The honour is not just for his surfing achievements, but is deeply rooted in Mick’s charity work and his outward penchant for helping others.


Fanning rifles through another Snapper Rocks barrel (top) and here, he always draws a crowd when he’s doing his thing at Snapper // Photos Luke Sorensen


Mick works with and assists such organisations as the Starlight Foundation, Wings for Life spinal cord research and Cure for Motor Neuron Disease.

He told the Gold Coast Bulletin he was “chuffed and very honoured” to be receiving the honour.

Congratulations to Mick Fanning AO !!!



The Day The Sunshine Coast Went Big Beachie Mad – Best Day Of 2016


VIDEO: According to Runamuk Visuals, who produced this clip, it had been, “the worst year for waves on the Sunshine Coast in many years, but there was that one day, and a few crew are calling it the best Sunshine Beach has ever been.”

Nothing better than a super solid beachie to get the blood pumping!




First Cyclone Of Season To Deliver Late Christmas Present To Queenslanders


Early modelling shows solid chance of significant swell to hit Queensland surf breaks between Christmas and the new year.

It’s the season to get festive but traditionally the New Year’s Eve and Christmas period means the changing of the surf season for Queensland surfers.

Some ocean modelling sites are starting to show a solid chance that a strong tropical low or even a possible cyclone may develop in the Coral Sea after Christmas, and track south towards the South East Queensland coastline, generating some long-overdue storm swell for those in wait.

Whilst there is some variance in forecasts, all modelling shows either a solid low-pressure influence or weak tropical cyclone impacting the Coral Sea during the window, sending swell to arrive at South East Queensland by late Tuesday December 27th. The proximity of the system does however leave some room for improvement, with wave period not expected to exceed about 10 or 11 seconds for this swell.

Prevailing winds will mean the most protected breaks such as Kirra, Noosa and Greenmount will be the best options.

Dust off the shooters, get a good night’s sleep and get some fresh wax as we ring in the new year with some surf!

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