Bali Rocked By Earthquake – People Sent Running Into Streets


A thunderous magnitude 6.4 earthquake has just struck in Bali, and reports are that a tsunami warning has been considered but not issued.

The earthquake struck at 7:10am local time (9:10am QLD time), about 5km east of Kuta, according to Geoscience Australia.

The earthquake came in two distinct phases and was enough to shake the place to the foundations, sending people running out of buildings and into the streets.

One person reported that she was thrown out of her bed by the seismic event.

Expat Gold Coast surfer Adam Bennetts, now living in Bali, said the quake was solid.

“Fuck how was that. Never felt one like that!”  he posted on Facebook.

Damage or injury reports are yet to come in, however warnings have been issued for people to be aware of potential aftershocks.