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One Day Strike Mission to Indo with Bede Durbidge


Bede Durbidge on that solid swell that hit Indo a few weeks back. Boys scored some very tasty Padang and Bingin lefthanders here, nice little clip shot from the cliffs – we’ll let Bede fill you in, just hit play!

WTF Barrel from Indo – Unbelievably Filthy Pit


Hellman Dylan Longbottom posted this Indonesian super tube a few hours ago, just what is going on here is a mystery but it’s safe to say that this would be the wave of a lifetime for 99.9% of the entire surfing world’s population.

Huge Okinawa ahead of Typhoon Neoguri – Would you go?

Typhoon Neoguri Surfing

Japan is usually associated with small to medium surf, radiation and large mythical beings like Godzilla. Check out these Godzilla-esque waves at Okinawa, generated from the Typhoon Neoguri. Hectic as, would you paddle these?

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