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Artistic Spirit Of Our First Water People On Show In Surfers Paradise For Special Exhibition


Surfers Paradise is set to host some spectacular art as remote indigenous artists exhibit their amazing works, starting next Friday November 11th.

The exhibition will showcase special artworks from the remote community of Pormpuraaw in the Gulf of Carpentaria, where ancient stories of culture, people and time itself embed themselves into the works and mediums of these talented artists.

The exhibition will run from November 11th through until December 21st and will be a rare chance for the public to see an extensive array of remote indigenous artwork without having to book a flight and 4wd adventure to Far North Queensland.

Urban Paradise Gallery curator Frederic Berjot

Urban Paradise Gallery curator Frederic Berjot has travelled far to bring us this amazing art and he tells LiQUiFY, “I have spent a lot of time in Pormpuraaw helping and working with local aboriginal artists to produce what’s known as Ghostnet Art.

“It is a unique aboriginal community on the Cape York Peninsula. It is a beautiful location near the beach and surrounded by wetlands filled with native birds.

“It is the traditional homeland of the Thaayorre people, who are saltwater people,” he also said.

Pormpuraaw means ‘entrance way to a house’ in Thaayorre language, and it is considered a very unique aboriginal community.


Frederic goes on to explain these amazing artists and their homelands further, telling us, “Mungkan people from the north and inland also live there. Mungkan people are the freshwater people and during the wet season the rivers rise up and there is no road access in or out for 4 to 5 months – Pormpuraaw essentially becomes an island.

“It is a place where language and culture is strong. Many people speak four or more different indigenous languages.

“People know their history, stories and totems.”

Pormpuraaw ghost net crocodile

Pormpuraaw Artists work in such mediums as painting, large-scale murals, print making, weaving and wood carving.

One of their specialties is sculptures made from ghost nets. Ghost nets are fishing nets lost at sea or illegally dumped in the ocean that wash up on our beaches. The nets are an environmental catastrophe and often float for a long time, travelling hundreds or even thousands of kilometres whilst trapping and killing fish, turtles and marine life along the way.

The exhibit opens on Friday the 11th and will feature guest speakers Paul Jakubowski, Director of the Pormpuraaw Art and Culture Centre as well as indigenous artist and elder Sid Bruce Shortjoe.

Urban Paradise Gallery is a not for profit artists-run initiative and are hosting this exhibition to raise funds for the Pormpuraaw art community.

You can get more information by emailing the gallery –


Pormpuraaw Exhibition Opening
6:30pm – 8:00pm
Friday November 11th 2016
Runs Nov 11 to Dec 21 – 2016


Piazza on the Boulevard
3221 Surfers Paradise Boulevard
Surfers Paradise, QLD 4217


Light Rail Cypress Ave Stop – then walk south 150m
(corner of Elkhorn ave, opposite Clock Tower Hotel)



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