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Two grand bonus with any new Firewire? This might just be the best board deal in the world!


We’ve just been given the early heads up that Australian Waterman at Burleigh Heads are not only announcing they’re set to become Australia’s biggest Firewire board shop but to celebrate they’ll reportedly be throwing in two freaking grands worth of holiday vouchers for ‘great hotels and resorts around Australia’ with the first 50 Firewire sticks that go out the door this weekend! (Saturday and Sunday until the doors close)

Yes, two whole thousand dollars worth of holiday vouchers. We rubbed our eyes and thought ‘no farkin way!’ … so we rang them straight up to check if this was a misprint or some luring scam but they reckon it’s full legit – one of their spokespeople got back to us like lightning with simply, “We totally stand behind the product as well as the holiday deal 100%. It’s an amazing offer.”

Taj Burrow has been known to terrify and amaze onlookers with his wave destroying antics on Firewire boards

We’ve seen everyone from Taj to Sally Fitz to multiple world longboard champ Taylor Jensen absolutely destroying on these things of late, and can also vouch for the effectiveness of the parabolic rail system through our own experience. They really bounce out of turns with a literal snap, something bodyboarders used to call ‘projection’ as the flex of the board snapped back into place at the end of a turn or pump. A few of the LiQUiFY team were lucky enough to be some of the first people to sneak a guided tour inside the old Firewire prototype factory at Burleigh years ago when the designs were being first produced and refined.

Bert Berger is a literal genius of surfboard design

The board’s inventor Bert Berger was crowned ‘Shaper Of The Year’ by Surfer Magazine in 2007 for his absolute genius designs, including the first high performance tour-standard stringerless boards that would become known as Firewire boards today. Hell, they even called him an ‘idiosyncratic genius among boardbuilders’ – Later on Nev Hyman, an extremely accomplished and talented shaper and board technician in his own right, took the company and design forward to become what it is today. The boards are just exceptionally good – so good in fact Kelly Slater has thrust his financial (and creative) backing into it with full force, buying up a 70% share of the revolutionary board company recently.

Kelly Slater is in, and he wants to put his mind into Firwire designs for you!

Anyway, back to Burleigh this weekend – there’s apparently never been a better time to get one of these mint surfboards given that according to the the madmen at Waterman you’ll be scoring a whole lot more than just a board if you’re one of the first fifty to rock up at the shop with some plastic in hand. They tell us you can grab a brand new wetsuit if you want too on the way out and not really part with any money for that either. They must seriously be keen for your business. They call it their ‘take home layby platform’ and from what we understand, it’s a lot like the layby you’d get in say Target or K-Mart, except you take the goods with you on the first visit instead of the last. Australian Waterman told us that anyone that buys a new Firwire this weekend can, “include a new brand- name wetsuit of their choosing from our mega store on our take home layby platform. This will only cost the customer a few extra dollars a week to start winter in a great wetsuit.”

Biggest range of Firewires, massive holiday travel voucher for free with purchase, and a top brand wetsuit on tick? Sounds pretty bloody awesome to us! They say the phone might be running hot this weekend, so if you call and can’t get through then just keep trying or drive down to the shop.

Australian Waterman is at 1638 Gold Coast Highway, Burleigh Heads near where the old Swell Tav was – call Ben or Shayne at the shop with any questions on 1300 729 201 or check their site at

Fanning, Parkinson, Kerr & Durbidge Release Their Secret Business Venture


A secret business venture that has been floated as a partnership between World Championship Tour surfers Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, Bede Durbidge and Josh Kerr has been revealed – and it’s not what most would expect!

From the Instagram release moments ago by Kerrzy, all we can initially ascertain is that ‘Ocean’s Mist’ by Surfers 4 is a perfume of some kind – we’re assuming it’s for men, we could be wrong? Maybe it’s unisex, or maybe it contains the tear ducts from sperm whales? Maybe it’s 100% environmentally conscious and contains at least three scoops of J-Bay offshore spray per bottle. Maybe it’s a total hoax.

Kerr writes, “So there has been talk of a new business venture that I’m involved with the boys on so I’m Stoked to announce the new project I’m working on with 3 of my best mates @joelparko @mfanno @bededurbo It’s called Surfers 4 and this is our new cologne Oceans Mist”

Maybe it’s like Kramer’s ‘Beach’ cologne that was famously stolen by Calvin Klein in a Seinfeld episode

Mick Fanning told Lincoln Eather at Empire Ave, “We are all in the latter parts of our careers and starting to think about life beyond the contest jersey. Being four guys it seemed like a natural progression for us to launch a mens grooming brand and we are so excited about bringing Surfers 4 to the world.

“We are so proud of Oceans Mist… It really is a scent for winners and with the Bells win fresh in our minds we could not think of a better time to launch” he said.

What do you think? Is this legit or what?

Empire Ave reports that –

*They’ll release their first product – Oceans Mist – later this year.
*Oceans Mist is a playful, progressive scent that’s still a little bit suggestive…
*They’ll eventually head in to underwear down the track (undies are a hot market right now)

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