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The Meanies Thrash Out Brisbane Pub To Celebrate 25 Years


The Meanies Deliver On Silver Jubilee

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A cosy back room at the Prince of Wales Hotel in the Brisbane suburb of Nundah got the right royal treatment in proper Aussie punk terms last night when Melbourne’s The Meanies threw a show on their Silver Jubilee tour to mark 25 years of two-minute song mayhem. You knew this was going to be a proper Aussie pub gig when the manager jumped on the mic between the sets and called out number plate details for those that had left their headlights on or parked poorly – we half expected a chook raffle draw in the midst of it all but it never eventuated. The diverse crew of assorted punk fans warmed up to bands Union Radio, Fat and Bat Piss – damn solid performances and enough to make Link Meanie call for a sound adjustment through the foldback when he took to the stage because his ears were already pinging. Looking a little vertically challenged and on crutches with his left leg in a cast didn’t make a difference to Link’s vocals, still strong despite him laughing after grunting out one of his trademark raaaaaaaaggghhs! with ‘try holding a note for 20 seconds … when you’re a smoker’.

meanies-silver--jubilee-posterWith the an odd mix of 40-somethings standing back and a younger set of front-row thrashers, the night quickly descended into a mess of bodies flying, rawkus elbowing and stumbling to classics like 10% Weird and Sorry ‘Bout the Violence. A highlight was Keep A Balance, which was apparently Eddie Vedder’s favourite Meanies track when Pearl Jam toured with them years ago – they all became good mates, taking Eddie for a surf in Victoria before one of the gigs. Everyone seemed pretty chuffed at the chance to see these classic Australian punk legends one more time after them delivering so many sweat-logged sets over the years including one crazy gig in the ‘90s at The Patch in Coolangatta, that this LiQUiFY team well remembers, well sort of, with a few fragments missing. A dozen or so tipsy people bolted out the door to try and be first in the taxi-rank when the show ended and the house music came on for a minute or so – not the best call it seemed when the guys succumbed to the chants for more from the crowd and jumped back up on stage. The Meanies then delivered an awesome and unplanned three-song encore including a cool run of the bent but frenetic song ‘Our New Planet’. We’re already looking forward to the Golden Jubilee in 2039.

One last show – The Meanies play Melbourne on October 24th (Friday) at The Hi-Fi

FREE Album from Brisbane/Gold Coast based metal band DARKC3LL


South East Queensland band Darkc3ll have put their acclaimed Reeboot:Repeat album up for a limited time as a 100% free download. The band, fronted by Gold Coast music scene icon Jesse Dracman, is best known for its amazing live performances and fusion of industrial rock and metal, with a twist of gothica and morbid undertones. Electrifying and fast paced, the album is a must for anyone that has a secret dark-metal fixation (Marilyn Manson, 9 Inch Nails and all that crazy stuff), but alternatively, if you’re into sunsets and Jack-Johnson-esque campfire guitar ballads, this might not be for you.

Limited time only, get your copy of their album Reeboot:Repeat here – DOWNLOAD NOW FOR FREE

If you’re down for a show, they’re touring nationally in September and October, dates and venues on the poster below and a video sample of their tasty goods. Go check out for more info on these guys.

Darc3ll tearing up the RNA showgrounds at Soundwave Festival earlier this year | Photo: Luke Sorensen

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