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This is Australia! Slabs galore with 16yo Russell Bierke and KS

Russell Bierke - Slabs in South Australia with Kelly Slater

Gotta love the way Australia presents itself surf-wise – Just hit the road, make a call and turn up, it might just be the ride of your life that awaits you! Some solid and mind blowing slabs with a kid, a champ and a few tasty waves in this little pre-winter clip.

“There was gonna be some swell down in South Oz, and Kelly was going to be there. Didn’t even think about it, just didn’t believe he was going to be there. Sure enough, just got to where we were going and it was Kelly, just standing there – pretty sick opportunity to meet him. It hadn’t really been surfed much, just bodyboarded a few of times, and it was pretty cool to see his approach to this new wave and I took a few notes, and he ended up calling me into one of the best barrel’s I’ve ever had.” – Russell Bierke

Ulladulla 16 year old Russell Bierke is the ‘unknown kid’ and charger, and he’s pulling in, going over, sitting under and spitting out of some serious water here – and doing it with the Kelly Slater looking over his shoulder isn’t always a bad thing ha! What have you been up to lately kids? Russell is out scoring waves like this.

russell bierke gopro tube shot
Russell it seems is no stranger to the odd slab or two, be it small or bloody huge! Photo: Russell Bierke Source: Facebook

Skipping Borders and Some Solid East Swell Slabs

nsw reef slab

Parko, Josh Kerr, Asher Pacey, Ryan Hipwood, Elliot Williams and a few mates hooking into some serious slabs somewhere down the coast a little while back. And these are the B-roll shots according to Jellan Merlant-Pilonchery who produced this little gem.


Kelly Slater and friends score chunky NSW reef break

kelly slater

A couple of crunching sections as Kelly Slater, Koa Rothman, Dean Morrison, Eli Olson, Elliot Williams and Asher Wales tucked in to this chunky NSW spot on Tuesday. Love this place, when it’s on it’s really on!

Johnny on the spot with the lens, Jackson O’Brien nailed it with this little clip – how’s Slater’s thick lipped egg-beating concrete mixer wave towards the end!

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