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Jordy Smith & Mates Go Mental On Some Portuguese Beach Breaks

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VIDEO: Jordy Smith leads an all-star cast blowing up on some Portugal beachies while the WSL event is on hold.

Also featuring Dusty, Julian, Italo, Seabass, Kerrzy and a few more free surfing their brains out – makes you wonder how the so-called “mobile” WSL Portugal Pro isn’t locking in to some of this goodness.


TOS Springs To Life As Gold Coast Winter Fades – Come Get Barrelled!

A barrel fest basking in buckets of warm sunshine, temperate water and clean offshores – the North end of the Gold Coast had an early visit yesterday from some friendly Springtime weather patterns.

We escaped the rat race and hit the other side (along with about 400 other punters) and shared a few island kegs, with Reef Doig, Sheldon Simkus, Toby Mossop and a few mates.

Hopefully this is a sign that there’s some wave relief on the way for the latter part of this year.

Sammy Littlechild about to tuck in to his lunch // Photo Luke Sorensen
Island kegs // Photo Luke Sorensen
Sheldon Simkus lining up with Andrew Shield for the shot // Photo Luke Sorensen
Spring, sticking its head up early with some classic conditions // Photo Luke Sorensen
Happy Birthday mate! Adrian Sclater scored his share of the blue shade on his birthday // Photo Luke Sorensen

Snapper Rocks Fired Up Yesterday With A Few Epic Pits

VIDEO: A swift pulse in the swell yesterday saw Snapper light up and become a keg factory for the afternoon.

Parko, Brenno, Dean Morrison, Luke Egan, Sheldon Simkus, Timmy Wright, Harry Bryant, Nick Vasicek and a bevy of keg masters dove in head first to score a few sick ones.

Snapper Rocks Had A Few Sneaky Kegs This Week


Grey skies and some frosty breezes didn’t stop Brenno and a few crew scoring some bouncy kegs behind the rock this week.


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