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Massive Barrels Conquered At Tasmania’s Newest Mega Slab – Alligator Rock


VIDEO: Have you ever seen anything spit this hard? Well, outside of Tahiti anyway?

Just off an island on the upper east coast of Tasmania, this place was breaking the slab scale with these stormy beasts.

Vid source ABC

Reef Heazlewood, shacked off his nut on Sunny Coast yesterday


Jump on board for the ride with Reef, getting deep and shady yesterday in some of the best conditions the Sunshine Coast has seen for a long time.

Vid //

Snapper Fun Behind The Rock As The Season Fades


Parko, Steph Gilmore, Brent Dorrington, Sheldon Simkus and friends combine with a bit of a southerly buster and some sweepy windswell behind the rock for some fun kegs and foamy stuff this week.

Westside Boosts – Air Session On WSL Lay Day


Vert ramps for lay day in West Oz With Jack Robinson, John John Florence, Sebastian Zietz, Sheldon Simkus, Leo Fioravanti, Kainoa Igarashi and Matt Banting.

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