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Damo & Darren In The Skatepark – 2nd Ciggy Butt Brain Video Released


Michael Cusack’s long-awaited sequel to the infamous ‘Ciggy Butt Brain’ video with Damo and Darren is here – skateboarding in Australia fully defined in one powerful presentation. Forget waiting for a mate or nek miniting your way thought the thick soup of strange southern hemisphere looseness, and take a look at this episode where we hit the local skate park on a Sunday with the lads as they take in the ambience of the scene before them.

If this isn’t an perfect representation of outer-suburb living in Australia and the common struggles between weed heads, alcoholics, housos, dole bludgers, kids and skateboarders, then what is? The quotes from these videos are far too numerous and just plain bloody perfect to list, so just watch. WE still think the first one holds on to the title though, one of the funniest things ever created depicting the backwaters of Australia’s social currency and modern ‘burban culture.

Language Warning // This is typical west-of-the-M1-type-dialogue haha

And for those that missed part one, here it is – a typical day at an average Australian train station.

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