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Deftones Go Full Psychedelic In Brand New Triangles Video

Mind-bending twists and turns blend 70s psychedelia with cuting edge cinematography on this latest visual offering from Sacramento champions Deftones.

All class and no signs of slowing up, Deftones have today released the new video for their track Prayers/Triangles off the latest album, Gore, which came out a few days ago. Directed by Charles Bergquist, the video takes you on a variable-paced downward trip of turns and turbulence, lashed together with some beautiful textures and incredible colour montages.

Prayers/Triangles – Deftones

Get your tinfoil hats out for this one, it’s surreal, full of symbolism (with or without any meaning, you decide), triangles and strange illuminati-esque visuals. Aside from that, we can’t look away, and the music is just so damn good. We’re up to it’s fourth play already this morning!

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