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Diver’s Close Encounter With Great White Shark Off Byron Bay

Diver Steven Brock had one more friend drop by than expected over the weekend on his dive at Julian Rocks, in waters just off Byron Bay.

The diver filmed what appears to be a reasonably sizeable great white shark cruise by, in a place more renowned for placid Grey Nurse (Sand Tiger) sharks and its vast variety of rays and turtles.

Byron Bay, along with the northern New South Wales areas around Lennox Head and Ballina have been a hot bed of arguably increased shark activity and incidents over the last 18 months, with encounters ranging from simple nudges on boat propellors through to serious and even fatal incidents involving surfers and bodyboarders.

In November last year Sam Morgan was bitten, sustaining severe wounds whilst surfing at Ballina and in February 2015, surfer Tadashi Nakahara tragically lost his life to a white shark strike at Shelly Beach in Ballina.



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