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Fanning, Parkinson, Kerr & Durbidge Release Their Secret Business Venture


A secret business venture that has been floated as a partnership between World Championship Tour surfers Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, Bede Durbidge and Josh Kerr has been revealed – and it’s not what most would expect!

From the Instagram release moments ago by Kerrzy, all we can initially ascertain is that ‘Ocean’s Mist’ by Surfers 4 is a perfume of some kind – we’re assuming it’s for men, we could be wrong? Maybe it’s unisex, or maybe it contains the tear ducts from sperm whales? Maybe it’s 100% environmentally conscious and contains at least three scoops of J-Bay offshore spray per bottle. Maybe it’s a total hoax.

Kerr writes, “So there has been talk of a new business venture that I’m involved with the boys on so I’m Stoked to announce the new project I’m working on with 3 of my best mates @joelparko @mfanno @bededurbo It’s called Surfers 4 and this is our new cologne Oceans Mist”

Maybe it’s like Kramer’s ‘Beach’ cologne that was famously stolen by Calvin Klein in a Seinfeld episode

Mick Fanning told Lincoln Eather at Empire Ave, “We are all in the latter parts of our careers and starting to think about life beyond the contest jersey. Being four guys it seemed like a natural progression for us to launch a mens grooming brand and we are so excited about bringing Surfers 4 to the world.

“We are so proud of Oceans Mist… It really is a scent for winners and with the Bells win fresh in our minds we could not think of a better time to launch” he said.

What do you think? Is this legit or what?

Empire Ave reports that –

*They’ll release their first product – Oceans Mist – later this year.
*Oceans Mist is a playful, progressive scent that’s still a little bit suggestive…
*They’ll eventually head in to underwear down the track (undies are a hot market right now)

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