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Felicity Palmateer On Biggest Wave Ever Ridden By Australian Woman


At just 22 years of age, Gold Coaster Felicity Palmateer has cataputed herself into history by riding the biggest wave ever ridden by an Australian women – a surging monster of a wave at Western Australia’s infamous Cow Bombie.

22-year-old Gold Coast surfer Felicity Palmateer

Even 7-time world surfing champion Layne Beachley concurred telling Felicity that she’d never surfed a wave that size, or at least didn’t recall having any photos proving that would show otherwise. Thw massive wave was ridden during last week’s monster swell event that struck the Indian ocean and impacted Western Australia and Indonesia with once-in-a-generation waves.

Felicity said, “I wasn’t scared, I was just like ‘this is ..’ – I don’t know. I don’t know what I thought, but yeah, so that was my first introduction to tow surfing.

“I got obliterated. It’s a crazy feeling getting engulfed by the foamball – you just get ragdolled. I’ve never had a wave that size break on top of me, or near me, or anything so I wasn’t knowing what to expect.

“Oh yeah, I had a good time, I’ve still got adrenaline going through my body right now, like every time I think about it, it’s like ‘did that really happen?'”

What do you think? Have you ever seen Layne, Steph or anyone else ride a bigger beast?

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