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Photos | Kirra & Greenmount Explode With Cyclone Gita Goodness


GALLERY: Give yourself an uppercut if you didn’t get amongst it this morning on the southern end of the Gold Coast in one way or another.

The swell bumped up overnight to dish out a morning of very, very solid surf on the southern point breaks, with kegs big enough to park your car in rifling through the top of the tide – and it’s far from over yet!

With the swell expected to peak some time late tonight or tomorrow morning, it looks like we could see a couple of feet on top of this yet.

Here’s a couple of shots from this morning’s show. All pics by Luke Sorensen for LiQUiFY.




It was the usual dog and pony show with random acts of uninvited sharing, Brent Dorrington feeling the burn.


Dean Morrison on a drainer


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