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Gold Coast Spearfisherman’s Incredible Encounter with Great White Shark

A frame grab from Levingston’s view as he prepares to engage a great white shark head on // Photo Brett Levingston via Facebook
Gold Coast spearfishing and ocean going madman Brett Levingston has landed himself a fishing tale that’s off the scale, coming face to face with what he described as a 3.5 to 4 metre great white shark whilst spearing off the coast of Cape Moreton yesterday.

“Yesterday was without a doubt one of the most unforgettable and memorable experiences I have ever encountered. I came head to head with this graceful and beautiful 3.5 to 4 metre Great White Shark,” he said.

Brett Levingston is an experienced spear fisherman // Source: Facebook

Brett was hunting pelagics with buddies Kurt Zietlow, Jamie McCully and Antony Sercombe when the shark cruised in to check them out.


Despite the obvious visitor in the grey suit, Brett reckons it was still a, “great day out and still bagged plenty of fish!”

Antony’s video below

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