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Ice T & Body Count Scorch Brisbane’s Tivoli Theatre With Brutal Show


PHOTOS: Last night’s killer show was a brutal melting pot of multi-generational sounds and sights as LA gangster thrash bandits Body Count blasted a smothering of their very best out to a packed Brisbane crowd.

Ice T and long-time high school buddy Ernie C led a savagely talented new-generation Body Count band on a journey of pure uninhibited metal, punk, rap and spoken word that ignited a frenzied mosh of sweat-soaked early-middle-class blokes all trying to recapture something lost from their youth, or something they forgot was inside them 20 years ago.

Despite the visibly hostile pit, it was actually a super-charged room full of positivity that basked in the onslaught of Body Count’s precision and mastery of their art.

The first show of three, and the first show for Body Count in over 20 years in Australia and … it was nothing short of spectacular, laying waste to any preconceptions one may have had.

Ice T was on fire, poetically driven and delivering a near-flawless performance without even breaking a sweat.

From Body Count and There Goes The Neighborhood blended into Born Dead, Talk Shit Get Shot through to the current volatility in tracks like Black Hoodie – this was real, hard core and a sensory overload.

Until next time, but maybe there won’t be one … iconic LA thrash at its finest // All pics by Luke Sorensen @liquifymag

Reign In Blood / Postmortem (Slayer)
Bowels of the Devil
Necessary Evil
There Goes the Neighborhood
No Lives Matter
Body Count
Black Hoodie
Drive By
KKK Bitch
C Note (with extended Ernie C guitar solo)
The Ski Mask Way
Talk Shit, Get Shot
Cop Killer
Disorder (The Exploited)
Born Dead
This Is Why We Ride


All pics by Luke Sorensen for LiQUiFY Magazine @liquifymag

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