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Jaw-Dropping New Footage Emerges Of Massive Great White Stuck In Cage With Divers


NEW VIDEO: Absolutely frightening footage has been released showing a considerably large great white shark stuck vertically in a shark cage of Guadalupe Island, with the jaws of the shark just inches above the heads of divers.

For what seems like an eternity, the shark thrashes about in its struggle, with one diver forced to fend of the shark with her arm as its mouth sweeps back and forth dangerously close to the diver.

Footage from both inside the cage and from a secondary cage has been released after a report was published on the Blue Water Travel website, where diver Katie Yonker retold of the experience which saw airlines bitten through and divers scrambling for their lives.

“Less than half way through the dive a female shark approximately 13 – 15 feet long approached Yann and he pushed her away from the cage. A few seconds later, the shark bit the air hose that supplies air from the surface to the divers in the cage, creating an explosion of air bubbles. Yann noticed an immediate loss of air flowing to his regulator, so he descended a few feet down to turn on the one-way valve from the surface supply hose so that the hookah system would not lose pressure,” she said.

[mk_blockquote style=”quote-style” font_family=”none” text_size=”12″ align=”left”]”It’s hard to put into words the thoughts and feelings that went through my head during this terrifying experience. The first minute or so felt like a horrific earthquake underwater, and I kept thinking, “We just need to wait this out.” But in the back of my head I feared the cage would break apart and this would be the end for me. I was calm, but felt very, very sad.” – Katie Yonker[/mk_blockquote]

“While Yann was turning on the valve, the shark swam vertically down into the balcony of the cage, made a sharp turn, and swam right through the bars of the cage. She thrashed around for several seconds and in the process got further lodged into the bars of the cage.


“After about 30 seconds, Katie B. was able to descend down the ladder to the lower part of the cage to join David and me. We stood, gripping the cage in an attempt to stay upright while the cage circled back and forth and at one point was at a 45-degree angle due to the shark’s thrashing. Yann’s regulator had been knocked out of his mouth by the shark, so he retreated to the surface to catch a breath of air and to tell the crew to bring up the cage. I turned on my GoPro just in time to capture the largest shark we had seen, Air Demon AKA “Big Mama,” swimming vertically within a few feet of our cage only seconds after Yann had exited the cage and ascended to the surface,” she adds.

Footage from secondary cage by Peter Maguire


In the end the cage had to be raised before divers could work to free the shark. By some measure of extreme good fortune it appears nobody was injured and the shark was eventually able to swim off relatively unharmed, although we believe it would have been just as rattled as the divers were after such an unusual and frightening encounter.

In the footage below, from inside the cage, you can hear the sound of the muscular mass of the shark squeezing and torquing the metal of the cage, it’s quite unnerving.

In the first clip from the secondary cage, check the giant great white at 1:20 coming in to investigate the commotion.

Recent incidents like this have raised questions about the practice of recreational shark cage diving with, in particular, great white sharks. Some have called for greater regulations of the practice and changes to the equipment they use to prevent such negative encounters – to prevent a potential tragedy as well as potential harm to the animals.

There has even been calls to ban the practice with a prominent surfing identity recently telling LiQUiFY that they believe there is great risk that the sharks will only further associate boats, divers and people with food and it will increase the risk of attacks and bites on divers, swimmers and surfers.

Nobody can argue the thrill of getting up close with these magnificent creatures though, and to do it from a cage in relative safety is a very popular pastime among divers these days.

Footage from inside the cage by Katie Yonker


Insane footage from a great white stuck in the top of a cage that was released last week from Guadalupe Island, from Gabe & Garrett


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