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Third Angle of Kelly Slater’s Double Spin 540 to 720 Air


Your Kellycopter has arrived sir!

All three angles – this crazy multi-spin rotator air from the one and only Kelly Slater – was it a 720? What constitutes a 720? No matter how you see this, it is one freakishly dizzying aerial maneuver from a man who just keeps changing the face of surfing, again and again.

Angle One

Angle Two

Angle Three

MENTAL double spin reverse/alley oop thing from Albee Layer in 2012 –

“Oh nah I was just going fast, and Kolohe was talking about this crazy (air wind), so I just hit this closeout, spun as hard as I could, and just ended up backwards … John-John could have been out there, but, you know, I don’t know what he’s doing – he’s still at home like editing videos or something,” – Kelly Slater

Was it a 720? 540? 615? What was it … The Kellycopter??? (Yes we are coining this term first right here and right now haha)

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