Midnight Oil’s Triumphant Return Shakes Rattles The Cage – Brisbane Photos


And just like that, it’s as if they never left – never took a sideward step – such were the powerful and provocative performances that Midnight Oil put on this week at Brisbane’s Riverstage.

Out of the gates they came with intent and purpose, with the enigmatic Peter Garrett fronting his band who smashed out an endless stream of purely sensational hits that were perfectly melded together by a few obscure and less-performed songs.

Garrett, seamlessly returned to the provocative and progressive wit for which he is renowned, leaving his alter-self – the Labor politician – in his wake. Taking moments to discuss a broad range of issues in between songs his banter eventually took aim at his take on the over development and longstanding exploitation of the Gold Coast by bent developers and politicians, who did their best to respond in the days to come, only to make themselves seem even more desperate and out of touch than they already were.

Redneck Wonderland
Read About It
Say Your Prayers
Now or Never Land
Golden Age
Stand in Line
When the Generals Talk
Minutes to Midnight
Short Memory
US Forces
Only the Strong
Arctic World
Power and the Passion
Beds Are Burning
Blue Sky Mine
King of the Mountain

The Dead Heart
Forgotten Years

Encore 2