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Monday Lunch Break – 45 Minutes Yesterday At A Certain Queensland Beach Break


PHOTOS: Is it possible to take an exotic surf trip to some far away tropical island during your lunch break and be back in time for the afternoon shift?

We tested the theory yesterday, skipping out of the office just long enough to ditch the suit and immerse into a world of little blue gems, making it back in time to clock on after lunch without the boss suspecting a thing.

Uncrowded, a few late pulses of swell and the odd freak set made this a pretty rewarding little late Autumn junket in Queensland.

Pics by Luke Sorensen

Classic Autumn kegs, and just a lunch break away if you time everything right!



A shady spot to chill out before the arvo shift


Surprisingly uncrowded with a handful of people sharing multiple peaks



We’re not sure who this Tom bloke is, but going by the local signage, we’re pretty sure he’s not welcome around these parts



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