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Morocco’s Jerome Sahyoun Overdosing On Surf Stoke Inside A Kandui Keg


This is just speechlessly good. Of all the intense images, sessions and stories to come out of Indo this past week, the Kandui sessions have dominated the media landscape – and rightly so.

Vicios, large, tempting and throating waves that exist only as a dream for most surfers actually sprang to life, offering up rides of a lifetime framed with pure evil shut downs and dry reef end sections. The colours, the light and sound, the waves – all of it is like some kind of twisted dream-meets-nightmare scenario where anything was possible.

This insane short video of Moroccan bloke Jerome Sahyoun getting so barreled you’d think he was whisky kind of captures some of it haha – and shows a grown man losing his shit over getting some of the best waves anyone could ever dream of in their entire life. You’ll have to watch this twice!

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