Much More Than A Jam, Tea Party & Superjesus Benefit Show Set To Be Unmissable Live Event


Why Gold Coast music fans NEED to be at this show on Easter Saturday: Tea Party and Superjesus fans rejoice, you’re in for something very special this Saturday night as the two elements combine forces to support their close friend Corey De Luka in the mother of all battles against cancer.

The special-event gig, befittingly called Corey’s Jam, will showcase the best of the two bands and much more in a super show that’s already been billed one of the rarest gigs you’ll ever witness.

The Tea Party’s Jeff Martin and Jeff Burrows will be performing at the Coolangatta Hotel, Easter Saturday the 15th

Fronting the acts is the mighty Jeff Martin from Canadian lords The Tea Party and our own home-grown Sarah McLeod from Superjesus heading up the bill.

Joining Martin on stage will be none other than The Tea Party’s percussion-master Jeff Burrows and Baby Animals’ drummer Mick Skelton will be backing Sarah, along with a bevy of other acts and musicians, although there’s no doubt that the bands will rip into an all-star jam later in the night we’ve been told.

Corey, a well-loved local musician and loving father, was recently diagnosed with kidney and lung cancer. The shocking news came without warning and struck a devastating blow.

Corey’s love for music and the music community is the stuff of legend and his many friendships immediately shone through with dozens of offers to help, including that of his close friend Jeff Martin who has broken away from the middle of a Tea Party tour overseas to fly in especially for this event.

All money raised will go to assist Corey in his fight, and in particular it will help keep his family afloat as he undergoes treatment whilst being unable to work.

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Sat April 15th 2017 – Doors at 5pm
Coolangatta Hotel
Full details at
Tickets here at OZTIX

Corey’s love for music and the music community is the stuff of legend, and his own brand new band A World Away will be playing their debut show on the night – LiQUiFY caught up with Gold Coast music icon and Corey’s band mate, Rory Swane, on the eve of this special event.

LM: So how the hell did this epic little night come about?
RS: It came about because Corey has a really good friendship with Jeff Martin, having worked closely with him in the last couple of years, and has gotten to know Sarah (McLeod) from the joint tours they’ve done. It’s going to be an amazing night of music, but of course we’re trying to raise as much money as we can to help Corey. He owns his own business you know, and not being able to work has sort of severely hampered his financial situation. It’s also impacted the mother of his daughter and even though they are not together any more she is his business partner, so she’s lost her income too without him there to work.

Is it just going to be a little acoustic jam or is there a proper rock show on the cards?
Well, we’re definitely going to rock out, because we’re playing first and Jeff and Sarah … yeah it’s going to be a fucking epic rock show. It’s definitely not going to be tamed down by any stretch of the imagination. Sarah’s been playing stuff off her new album, Mick and Jeff had Revelator that played at Blues Fest in 2016, then obviously you’ve got Jeff and Jeff who’ve been playing together for 25 years or so. They can pull anything from the repertoire of those bands, they can play covers, they can jam and they can do whatever the hell they want, that gives them complete artistic freedom.

[mk_blockquote style=”quote-style” font_family=”none” text_size=”12″ align=”left”]”It’s going to be a fucking epic rock show. It’s definitely not going to be tamed down by any stretch of the imagination.” – Rory Swane[/mk_blockquote]

How’s Corey travelling mate? It’s a pretty gnarly thing to be facing, something we all never want to even contemplate let alone face head on …
He’s fighting a very tough battle at the moment. He’s positive though, positive he’s going to kick it. He’s currently in hospital at the moment but he’s going to be out on day-release on Saturday to try and come down for the gig. He’s doing everything he can and staying as positive as he can to kick this thing’s arse you know, which is great. It’s um, it’s not easy.

And how has the response been from the local music family and what has it shown of our own local music community?
For me, the Gold Coast music industry, like the scene and all the players and everything like that; everybody does what they can to help each other out. Whether it be as simple as lending someone an amplifier for a gig or rehearsal, or filling in for each other at gigs … in terms of local music stores and industry stuff, Alan’s Billie Hyde has given us a guitar for the auction, Fender Australia has given us an acoustic guitar to put up, everybody has come together and really helped out … so many.


A World Away debut this Saturday in Coolangatta, with Corey De Luka (left) – Lead Guitars, Josh Larkin – Drums, Rory Swane – Bass and Pauly Galagher – Lead Vocals


And you guys (A World Away), it’s been a little bit of a secret you’ve formed this band with Corey, any thoughts on this first show on Saturday? We know Corey will be doing his best to be there so this will be something very special yeah?
Everyone sort of knows that Jeff and Jeff, The Tea Party and Sarah and Mick that are playing, but we’ve kept this new band with Corey under wraps for the last year, not many people know the music we have, nobody knows what sort of style we are, not many people know about our band so, look, we’re all really proud of the EP we’ve produced, that Corey has made, and the main thing is that Corey is playing on it which is just phenomenal – some of the parts he has written have just been amazing. That’s why we wanted to have Corey’s band on the bill for tomorrow – we want people to hear what Corey has done.

As for Corey possibly even playing?
At this brief moment in time, we think he will be playing, we did have a rehearsal last week but we won’t really know until the afternoon of the gig and that’s the situation we’re in. We have to kind of just take every day as it comes you know. He really wants to play and if it means that he can’t play the whole set, maybe one song or two songs … that’s the main thing, Corey’s health is the very main priority.

Corey’s Jam – Music For Life is set to be an unmissable event for all the right reasons, and one of those shows where you know every single component is truly worth something real.

Sat April 15th – Doors at 5pm – Coolangatta Hotel, Marine Parade COOLANGATTA
Tickets HERE AT OZTIX or on the door on the night if not sold out already. Full details at including how to donate, bid on the auctions or simply get behind this great cause.


Jeff Martin and Jeff Burrows from The Tea Party