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Point Break Remake – Official 2015 Trailer Lands


The bodhisattva, aka Bodhi, is back from his Bells Beach demise and so is our old ‘surfing’s the source’ mate Johnny Utah – but that’s about all you’ll see from the old film as the new ‘remake’ trailer for Point Break dropped a few hours ago.

Drenched in the same coating of septic cheese, it’s crazy Hollywood overkill coupled with lunatic egotistical ramblings and blood pumping surrealism as secret agent, slash extreme sport junkie, Utah tries to infiltrate a sort of chaotic social terrorist group that resembles a fashion-conscious anti-society Greenpeace-style activist faction crossed with the cast of the Fast And The Furious … or something completely unimaginable like that. Beyond even plausible, the film looks pretty visually stimulating nonetheless, although the surfing side of the story seems to have taken a back seat – way in the back actually and far out of the way of the convoluted Hollywood plot. Leave the brain cells at home for this one you won’t need many.

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