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Andre Botha Saves Evan Geiselman’s Life At Pipeline in Hawaii

VIDEO: This is the incredible moment bodyboarder Andre Botha surfaced with the unconscious and unresponsive Evan Geiselman in his arms at Pipeline today, beginning mouth-to-mouth whilst the pair were still in the water – an act that may well have saved Evan’s life.

The scene was nothing short of incredible as Botha immediately begins ‘Expired Air Resuscitation’ whilst desperately clinging to Geiselman in the shorebreak as they are sucked down the beach. The two are eventually met by others who bring Evan to shore.

UPDATE: Evan has just posted on his Instagram –

“Andre Botha was my guardian angel today! The support has been overwhelming! I can’t thank everyone enough who saved my life today forever grateful. Love you all and everyone’s who’s been worried about me I’ll be back soon. Love these people more than words can describe who haven’t left my side for a second.” – Evan Geiselman

EARLIER: Evan had been under for a total of three set waves before he was located and grabbed by Andre. There are no words for this so we’ll leave it at that.


Evan Geiselman is expected to make a full recovery after first being rushed to hospital in a critical condition. It is understood he hit his head on the reef after pulling in to this closeout earlier today. Full statement from Globe boss and mate Eric Tomlinson.

“I just wanted to send over a quick update on Evan. We are sitting in the waiting room. Evan Geiselman is currently in stable condition after suffering a very serious wipeout at Pipeline today.

“After being engulfed by a 15-foot double-up, Evan failed to come to the surface and subsequently suffered a three-wave hold down. South African bodyboarder Andre Botha eventually found him unconscious and began to attempt rescue breathing while swimming him to shore. In the heavy shorebreak they were met by lifeguards, as well as surfers Mick Fanning, Danny Fuller, Kalani Chapman, Brian Toth and a handful of others. After expelling copious amounts of water Evan regained consciousness. Paramedics continued to work on him in the beach park where he was eventually loaded up into an ambulance and taken to Queens Hospital.

“Thanks to everyone, especially Andre, he was truly Evan’s guardian angel … everyone responded so heroically and our family cannot thank them enough. We also must remember that the conditions were serious and this is what Mother Nature can do. The surf community needs to remember to always take a minute to consider the consequences of every wave. Today we are very blessed to still have Evan with us.” – Eric Tomlinson

– Eric Tomlinson

Vid: Matt Castiglione


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