Drop Everything And Watch This Amazing Skate Clip!


This short clip strips back everything you hate about mindless fish-eye skate video and leaves nothing but the pure essence of modern skateboarding in the urban environment in its place.

Our good mate Kristijan Stramic sent us this recently and we were pretty stoked to get it, now it’s on Vimeo for you all! Kristijan is from Slovenia and has really excelled in producing such an elegant yet intensely attractive piece of film called Signature. It’s got a rich warmth to it even though it’s in black and white, and the local music might seem out of place at the start, but it underpins the cultural flavour of the production and quickly sucks you in, taking the viewer away to another place – another land and time even.

Film Maker Kristijan Stramic – hit his instagram up here @kristijanstramic

A great piece of film with exceptional photography that delivers supreme escapism in a polished production. We love it. Can someone make one like this for the Gold Coast? Probably not because the moment you skated down Cavil some burgeoning bloke in a blue shirt with a gun would crash tackle you and confiscate your deck, which is a whole other debate all together …

Kristijan told us Slovenia is filled with ‘amazing places’ and that he’s keen to get to Australia one day. The descriptive of his film certainly sets the senses off –

Kristijan told us, “Nothing is intact or permanent, everything is affected and connected – the history, the city and the rider. Just as the city left a mark on the rider, he leaves a mark on the city even if just for a split second.

“The wet trail of wheels on pavement after skidding through a puddle on a rainy day, the sound of the skateboard against granite echoing through the alleys and streets and his shadow spreading from one building to another until he reaches the river. The reflection in the river follows him along its banks and over the bridge where the scattered leaves on the sidewalk swirl and dance for a moment after he rides through them and then staying, peaceful, like nothing ever happened but at the same time everything has changed. Even if you think you didn’t notice him, you can almost taste the lingering freedom in the air.

“Like a signature, a rider leaves his mark – on the streets and in people’s memories. A signature of freedom.”

Nice one mate! Sit back and take a few minutes to experience Slovenia through the eyes of a skater and film maker.