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Surfer Gets Smashed Into Rocks And Turns Himself Into Plate Of Sushi


GRAPHIC: Video has emerged showing the injury aftermath of a surfer’s encounter with jagged and sharp rocks somewhere in the islands around Puerto Rico off the Caribbean Sea.


The unknown surfer, who appears calm and in a state of semi shock, seems to be not be entirely aware of the severity of his injuries.

By the looks of the deep puncture wound on his thigh, he is lucky to be alive and not have severed a major vein or artery.

blowhole_surfer_injured_accident2When the man first discovers the deep puncture in the back of his thigh he is heard saying, “Oh shit, that one’s bad … yeah I don’t want to sit on that, have you got pressure or something, like put a towel?”

“Don’t look at it, you don’t want to go into shock”

“Well it’s not bleeding out so you didn’t bust anything. Don’t look at it, you don’t want to go into shock, that’s the main thing,” replies one of the people attending to the man on the beach.

We understand that he was trapped in a major blowhole at a place called Jobos, notorious for sucking in swimmers and surfers.

The incident reportedly took place in April this year.

Locals assisted with the man’s injuries – an ambulance was called and after 45 minutes wait he was transported to a hospital.



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