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Surfing In A Barrel, What Happens Next Is Every Surfer’s Nightmare


Tasmanian surfer Zeb Critchlow has taken one to the head as a rogue surfboard speared nose first into him whilst he was traveling full speed inside a barrel. Zeb’s GoPro camera captured the moment some guy bailed his board and it appeared coming at Zeb like a spear – it looks as if it happened that quick that Zeb had pretty much nowhere to go.

Zeb has reassured everyone it’s ok, but that it was a close call. Surfboard impact like this and board impaling, whilst infrequent, can be lethal. Martin Potter famously had the nose of his board impact his torso at Burleigh, and he came ashore partially disemboweled and clutching his belly together … lucky to be alive.

“All good boyz! Could have been worse!” – Zeb Critchlow

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