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Team Gold Coast Takes Second Place At Qiantang River Surf Event

The Mad Hueys’ team Gold Coast have taken a close second place at the third annual river bore surfing event on the Qiantang River in Hangzhou, China.

The 2015 Red Bull Qiantang Surfing Shoot Out allowed Gold Coaster’s Dean Morrison and Dean Harrington to turn it up on the unusual river wave even though Harrington had never surfed it before.

Dean Harrington and Dingo (in white) take $8000 for the second place

The day eventually saw Alex Gray and Cheyne Magnusson from the Los Angeles team take the win as the event was forced to narrow down to just one day’s competition due to the approaching Typhoon Dujuan. Team LA even got shacked we hear, and that’s how they nailed the victory.

The two Dean’s in action, carving up the river bore with the city backdrop providing an eerie sense of the unusual surfing location

The event sees four two-man teams take eacth other and the river on, a waterway known affectionately as the ‘Silver Dragon’ due to its strong tidal bore waves.

2015 Red Bull Qiantang Surfing Shoot Out | Results

1. Team Los Angeles (Alex Gray and Cheyne Magnussen)
2. Team Gold Coast (Dean Morrison and Dean Harrington)
3. Team Huntington Beach (Ryan and Timmy Turner)
4. Team Hangzhou China (Zhao Yuanhong and YangXue)

Not too crowded, but keep your mouth closed, we hear there’s a few Chinese trout about!
Category 5 typhoon Dujuan forced the event schedule to be truncated

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