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‘The Vanuatu Beast’ Massive Cat 5 Cyclone To Strike West Pacific


It’s already been labelled the ‘Fijian Beast’ and the ‘Vanuatuan Monster’ – despite it not even forming yet.

What has the potential to become the biggest and most powerful cyclone of the southern hemisphere season will begin to take shape in the next few days to the North East of the Fiji region, and will track in a west to south west direction as it intensifies into an almost-certain extreme category 5 cyclone by the end of next week. Most models have the cyclone NOT making landfall in mainland Australia at this stage, according to OZ Cyclone Chaser’s Chris Nitsopoulos.

Chris reckons, “That new developing low – it’s what we’re going to term the ‘Fijian Beast’ or the ‘Vanuatu Beast’ or the ‘Vanuatu Monster’ … that system is going to track in a south westerly direction and it’s going to make category 5, it’s going to be a very intense tropical cyclone, possibly the most intense of the southern hemisphere this season.

“Once it does start to consolidate, oh my goodness – it’s going to be a biggy.” – Chris Nitsopoulos from Oz Cyclone Chasers

It is with a sense of irony that the potential for swell from this system, that is at the best an unpredictable beast, sees the first possible pulses arrive just a day or two AFTER the Quiksilver Pro waiting period on the Gold Coast ends – cementing the double-ended misfortune of the event’s timing. This update from Oz Cyclone Chasers released moments ago explains the potential and scope of the soon-to-be intense storm – a storm that has a real chance to match or surpass the strength and size of the infamous cyclone Yasi.

Oz Cyclone Chasers national Cyclone Update March 5 2015

The incredibly good run of waves, including the ‘ex-cyclone Marcia’ event, that occurred up until a few days before the Quiksilver window will now potentially be equally framed at the other end by another epic swell event. There is much potential, with most models predicting the cyclone to approach the Queensland coast before dropping away to the South East, eventually placing it directly to the East of South East Queensland and in a position that is looking great for the prospects of serious waves.

Cyclone Yasi that struck the Queensland coast in February 2011 was a very serious storm – the Vanuatuan beast has the real potential to equal or surpass the size and intensity of Yasi

Historically, tropical storms like this are in fact real beasts – they are unpredictable and have the potential to devastate all in their path. We are already praying for and thinking of our Polynesian friends across the Pacific and hope they remain safe during this serious weather event.

In the mean time, fuel up the ski, wax up the gun or load up the camera, because this could be the storm of the century – or not …

Did someone order swell with a side of long-period lines? Swell maps are starting to predict a very large north east swell for the Coral Sea
Ex-cyclone Marcia swell at Kirra – is there anything better than a bit a cyclone influence on our swell patterns? // Photo Luke Sorensen

Note: This article is NOT weather advice – please see for all of your cyclone and weather updates

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