Time To Dust Off The Mosh Boots | 6 Bands You Need To See Next Week


BRISBANE/GOLD COAST: There’s something to be said about taking a break from going to shows – at first you revel in your weekends opening up with sober nights and early surf sessions, turning off the phone, slipping into the good life, couch surfing and even sniping deals on Ebay come Saturday night. But then … it wears off.

Next weekend in Brisbane it’s beyond worth booking it and sending it, with the Jubilee Hotel hosting a swathe of exceptional bands at a quarter the price of your average international metal and punk festival.

Halloween Hysteria at the Jubilee is plugging in and turning up for a wicked night of debauchery drenched in rock, metal and punk from some of the country’s finest acts.

Digging in behind is a Sunday session guaranteed to dose you up with the hair of the dog that bit you, when the Miami Tavern tilts itself sideways for a messy early evening with one of the funniest bands in the country.

Here’s our top 6 pick from the two shows, and yes, we’re biased, but do yourself a favour, give yourself a knuckle sandwich if you miss this epic weekend of brutality and beers.

TICKETS available through the legends at OZTIX, both shows are selling fast so get on it – find them here
Halloween Hysteria Mini Fest – Oct 27 – Jubilee Hotel Fortitude Valley
Totally Unicorn/Hammers/Plastick – Oct 28 – Miami Tavern Shark Bar

6 // The Wrath – Halloween Hysteria, Jubilee Hotel, Saturday Oct 27

For sure this motley monster mash from the Gold Coast know how to slap you down and pick you back up. A melting pot of punk, rockabilly, goth and a little thrash. Frontman Tommy Kreeper commands the stage as he leads a cast of pure talent on the sticks and axes beside him. Includes the human metronome Jason Hand on drums, one of the snappiest guys on the snare you’ll just about ever hear, he’s got that lead foot, do not miss these guys!

5 // Hardons – Halloween Hysteria, Jubilee Hotel, Saturday Oct 27

One of Australia’s most enduring punk bands and still as strong as ever the lads from Sydney are up here again to drop the hammer and the tongs at the Halloween Hysteria show. Chaotic yet composed, with scintillating old school riffage and classic punk. The soundtrack of Australia itself reserved a spot for this icon band from the 1980s and 1990s. If you haven’t seen them before don’t bother coming because you’re just not worthy.

4 // Hammers – Miami Tavern Shark Bar, Sunday Oct 28

This baby is like one of those cars you build out of the wrecked bodies of five. Featuring former and current members from some of the nation’s best touring acts they’ve been turning heads and on a ball-tearing blinder of late with a no bullshit hard rock show that’s really something to behold. Singer Leigh Dowling needs room to go ballistic, so stand back please. A meshing of stoner rock, blues and blinding good guitars, all set with the tempo up a notch, sure to impress the ladies these guys. Drink lots of water beforehand, it’ll save you the next day.

3 // Kill The Apprentice – Halloween Hysteria, Jubilee Hotel, Saturday Oct 27

Fresh from Brown Town and endorsed by the Prince of the Tweed, this all star punk outfit is renowned for breaking the mould, and a lot of other things too. Fronted by the enigmatic Kristy Killriot up from Melbourne and featuring members of Tweed Heads music royalty, these guys party harder than just about any band this side of the sun. Too dangerous to live but too rare to die, their frantic and tight set is absolutely guaranteed to get you up and bouncing. No fucks given punk rock that’s raw and blasting. Be there to see the frets burn!

2 // King Parrot – Halloween Hysteria, Jubilee Hotel, Saturday Oct 27

Brutally good, mechanically meteoric and world class, the Parrot is a force to blow your lids and ears. Thrash and metal and just heavy this Melbourne spawn have been leaving a trail of broken bricks wherever they travel during some stellar national and international tours over the last few years. Co-headlining the Halloween Hysteria event, you’ll want to save some energy for this, we think it’s going to explode.

1 // Totally Unicorn – Miami Tavern Shark Bar, Sunday Oct 28

Hilarious, messy and hard, the aptly named Totally Unicorn takes the cake here. Shows are a limitless display of social-norm abandonment, depravity and disconnect. Think day drinking, swinging on the Hills Hoist and a little bit of pre-spew yet somehow in all of this mix they’ve got blazingly good music that melts punk and metal together like a medieval alchemist hitting the pipe too hard. If you’ve not seen some of their fine videos on Youtube, you NEED to go see them, absolute crackers. If you could ever pick a band to end a bender weekend with – to make it so you’re coming in hot, sliding in sideways and crashing into the wall to hit the end in an explosive and destructive cataclysm … then this is the band you need. Hilarious all the way too.

TICKETS available through the legends at OZTIX, both shows are selling fast so get on it – find them here
Halloween Hysteria Mini Fest – Oct 27 – Jubilee Hotel Fortitude Valley
Totally Unicorn/Hammers/Plastick – Oct 28 – Miami Tavern Shark Bar