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Tom Tate Caught Out Admitting His 48-hour Cruise Ship Campaign Was NOT For Wavebreak


Recording exposes Tate truth – This tape recording from September 2012 has Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate’s admission that his last-minute campaign policy backflip, suddenly pushing for a cruise terminal, was specifically for it to ‘NOT’ be on Wavebreak Island but at The Spit – casting serious doubt over the so-called ‘mandate’ that the state government has used to justify offering up the beaches and foreshores of the broadwater, over 100 hectares, to foreign developers.

Campbell Newman firmly claimed Tate ‘had the guts’ to take it to the electorate, however it’s becoming more and more apparent that it simply never happened – what did in fact happen was a minority of the Gold Coast residents were told about the mayors backflip on policy stance just hours before the polls opened. His last-minute announcement was in stark contrast to his campaign stance that he had held for the entire duration of the campaign, and the candidate had done a complete reversal, wanting to put a terminal in on the spit – and ‘not’ on Wavebreak at all. Overall three things have become crystal clear in this debacle, and that is 1) that the people of the Gold Coast were collectively deceived and never in fact voted en mass for a terminal 2) Even if you claim they did, they voted for a tiny terminal with a small building, owned, built and operated by rate payers with no commercial development, no hotels, casinos, residential cities or what Tate later called ‘the largest piece of tourism infrastructure in the southern hemisphere’ and finally 3) That even if you claim people voted for it, they voted for it to be on the spit and specifically NOT on Wavebreak.


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Seems the LNP government has a short memory – when it was time to woo voters when in opposition, they were all about protecting the broadwater, condemning the Labor government plans of the day and pledging to the people that the Liberals and Nationals were the party to save the area, to protect it “for forty years and beyond and beyond” according to then leader Lawrence Springborg with Jeff Seeney at his side. They even had a fancy green stamp made, with the words ‘guarantee’ plastered on it. Now they are in power, it seems more like the under the table deals have been made and they’re prepared to stomp on the people to do the opposite, effectively making their guarantees worth nothing at all, ever // Photo courtesy Save Our Spit


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