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Top 4 Scenes That Made Yesterday At Peurto History Making


It was said by many to be the biggest day in years, in decades, perhaps even living memory – near drownings, crushing swells and one of the most historical rides ever caught on video. Here’s the top 4 things that were witnessed yesterday in Peurto Escondido.

4 – The thickest and heaviest shorebreak photo ever captured

Move over Waimea, we have a new contender. The estimated 20ft plus shorebreak lit up on a few occasions and with this wave we estimate was twice as wide as anything ever captured before. It has no back, yes, no back, and even makes some of the Waimea Shorebreak and Teahupo’o slabs, at least momentarily, look kinda thin. Skindog Collins was calling this one a ’35 foot pounder’ and we don’t think he was referring to its width or thickness either. Look at it … just look at this damn thing! Our brains are hurting.

Photo: Francisco Porcella

3 – The streets that looked more like a tsunami had hit than a surf session went down

Amazing scenes as waves poured up and over the shoreline, into the streets – flooding the shorefront town and making it look more like a tsunami had hit than anything else. Blink for a second and you’d think you were in Sumatra after an earthquake – truly massive surf kind of tends to do this where it hits.

Photo: Nesta Nunez
Photo: Nesta Nunez
Photo: Nesta Nunez

2 – That wipeout

A strong contender already for wipeout of the year – for next year’s XXL awards. Neck-breaking cartwheels, vicious mass and size, stormy and explosive. This video should send shivers up even dead surfers’ spines. We all wee’d a little in the office when we saw this. Pedro Calado taking it like a rag doll and somehow cheating death to tell his tale.

Image: Diego Siqueira

1 – With bells on – Mark Healey in one of the most legendary paddle-in waves in the history of all surfing

A straight up wave that is beyond imagination. Argued by all already as the biggest paddle wave ever at Puerto Escondido and probably the biggest beach break wave ever ridden in the history of surfing itself (show us a bigger one?) – Mark reckons he just dodged the lip and then took nearly ten on the head after this one, eventually being washed ashore. He attributed his survival to his inflatable vest. THIS wave will go down in surfing lore.

“It was really scary out there this morning. Glad everyone is OK. Managed to be in the right place for a solid one” – Mark Healey

Photo: Edwin Morales via Mark Healey
Images: Jon Aspuru

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