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Tragic Scenes As Man Dies In Surf At Duranbah

A man has tragically died after being found floating in the surf at Duranbah, on the Tweed border this morning.

Multiple ambulances as well as the Westpac rescue helicopter were seen and heard roaring through Coolangatta towards the location just before lunch time today.

Paramedics desperately try to save the life of an elderly man found floating in the surf at Duranbah today as his companion (left) is comforted // Photo: Tony Anstee Source: LiQUiFY

The man was reported to be aged in his late 60s or early 70s. It is not known if the man was surfing or not, however he was wearing Speedos and may have been swimming at the notoriously dangerous beach.

Paramedics and a doctor treated the man at the scene however, tragically he was unable to be saved.

Witnesses reported that the man had a graze on his head and there was also speculation the man may have also suffered a heart attack, although the exact details of the incident are still unknown.

The man’s companion, who was comforted by others on the beach, said the pair were travelling on holiday in Australia. It is understood she is from Slovenia and did not speak much English.

Cyclonic swells pounded the Coolangatta and Tweed coasts today, with surfers revelling in the powerful conditions // Photo: Luke Sorensen

Duranbah is not considered a safe swimming beach and multiple warning signs are placed in the area displaying the many risks. Lifeguards generally do not patrol this beach with flagged areas. The beach sits at the foot of Point Danger on the NSW side of the border.

A deep groundswell pulsed into the region today, generated from Cyclone Tuni that passed by Fiji a few days ago. The powerful surf meant broken boards and heavy wipe outs were numerous in the area today.

Ambulances and the Westpac rescue helicopter roared to the scene at Duranbah around lunchtime today // Photo: Tony Anstee Source: LiQUiFY

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