LIVE FEED: Tsunami Imminent After Large Earthquake Off Japan’s Fukushima


Fukushima live stream – NEWS from NHK

UPDATE 13:40PM AEST – It appears that a major tsunami has not eventuated for Japan today after a significant earthquake rocked the seabed not far from Fukushima Prefecture. Small tsunamis up to 1.4 metres in height were reported and some minor earthquake damage has been recorded across the island.

The nation remains on edge however the likelihood that a repeat of the 2011 tsunami could occur today is fading.

Tsunami warnings have been downgraded however a tsunami watch remains in place.

UPDATE 10:05AM AEST – A series of Tsunamis up to 1.4 metres in height (triggered by an early morning earthquake of 7.4 magnitude) have hit the east coast of Japan. Early reports are that damage is minimal but that a cooling system at the troubled Fukushima Nuclear Plant has failed. Fears that larger tsunamis may arrive are starting to subside, however warnings remain in place for large tsunami threat.