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Gold Coast’s Most Dangerous Punk Band Is Back And Ready To Riot


LiQUiFY EXCLUSIVE: It’s been over a decade since their debut show, and finally the first sizzling video clip has arrived from the southern Gold Coast’s most notorious and elusive punk rock bands.

The almighty Kill The Apprentice has today released their first official music video (below) ahead of their upcoming appearance at the Dead Of Winter Festival at Brisbane’s Jubilee Hotel later in July, and LiQUiFY Magazine has been granted exclusive access to the video and a rare interview with the band’s founding guitarist. The band was formed in a basement out the back of West Burleigh over ten years ago and has forged ahead with varied success to become a notorious part of the Australian punk landscape’s mythology and legend.

KTA is fronted by one of the most charismatic women currently in all of Australian rock – Kristy Kill – and have built a rock-solid reputation in the alternative and underground punk societies for constantly delivering some of the wildest and most intense scenes and shows in the nation – gigs that often spill over into raging after-parties and pure uninhibited mayhem.

As for the tunes? Their frenetic blend of thrashing riffs, voluptuous vocals and ultra-precision performance ranks them as a ferociously good band – worth every cent you’d ever pay to see them.

We caught up with guitarist Sid Constantine to talk all things KTA including the new video, reputations and relationships, their upcoming international tour run and the time a KTA tour in Malaysia resulted in a large-scale police raid with a small town nearly shut down after being invaded by rowdy punk fans ahead of their show. Hundreds were later detained and interrogated by authorities alongside the band themselves.

Exclusive video premiere – Kill The Apprentice // “Wait”

Kill The Apprentice’s shredding lead guitarist Sid going full head slam ballistic – photographed 9 years ago. Little has changed since then besides the shows getting tighter and the after parties getting wilder // Photo Luke Sorensen


LiQUiFY: So yeah the track Wait, we know you guys have been playing this song for a few years now, what was the appeal to produce a video for it?
Sid KTA: It’s just a catchy song … it’s a one-riff song you know, and it’s catchy and it’s short. People’s attention spans aren’t as long as they used to be.

Or is that just your attention span?
Ha, yeah mine definitely.

What’s the song about then?
You know I have no idea.

There’s footage in there from a few years ago at a festival, there’s some hectic random stuff, footage of you guys jamming in some crazy tiny room – how do you fit a five-piece band in what’s little more than a wardrobe to jam?
The sweat box yeah, you’ve just got to make it happen. It’s crowded but it’s just big enough, fuck when summer comes along it’s just horrible, there’s no ventilation in there but no, you make it happen – you work with what you got I guess.

You guys have been around now for over a decade and that’s got to be some kind of record for a Gold Coast band, so what’s the secret to that kind of longevity and what’s the plan now – how do you take it forward?
Well I think the secret is just being in a band with people you’re tight with, and you sort of grew up with you know? When you know your band mates so well, you’re never really going to have a problem. We haven’t been totally consistent over that ten years, especially now our singer has moved to Melbourne, but it’s just being with a tight bunch of guys and everything is gonna work, there’s never going to be a major problem. You’re all going to understand each other, for example, Kristy moved to Melbourne and we fully supported that, but we’re always all going to be mates so it means when she comes up here we can do a few gigs and all of that.

A little bit crazy mixed with some reckless abandonment, thrashing riffs and binding friendships – this is the modern KTA

There’s of course your show at the Dead Of Winter Festival coming up in late July, and you guys have already toured overseas and all of that – is there any plan to get KTA back out on the road again and do something like the infamous Malaysian tour?
Well we’ve got a six-show Japan tour planned that we’re just sort of nutting out at the moment. We’re just taking advantage of all the budget airlines and all the sales they’re having, so we just jumped online and onto the XXXXXXX one, and we had a bit of money in the kitty so we were just like, ‘let’s just go’ and I had a contact for Japan. On the way back we’re going to fly in and do two more shows in Kuala Lumpur, which we didn’t get to do last time because of the police and all the raids and that.

L-R // Sid, Dinj, Kristy Kill, Captain Diklich and iconic Gold Coast sticks man Tommy Creeper

Yeah we heard about that. You guys got into a bit of strife the last time you toured that way and ended up getting hauled off by the authorities – what exactly happened there?
Look, it’s not that we did anything, right? It’s not like our band did anything wrong. We were just unlucky that, um, these raids hadn’t happened for a while. In Malaysia, you sort of get these tip-offs every now and then that something is about to go down. I think what the problem was is that we played in this sort of old-school suburb of Malaysia, and all of a sudden there were so many punks there – so many people there – and they were all sort of hanging out on the front of the venue, on the street, and there were a few people drinking. Then you’ve got Malaysia that’s this really conservative country, and we’re in this really old-school Malay suburb, I think a few of the locals didn’t like that. A few of them called the police and then the police just came in. They don’t need a reason to do a raid or anything, they just do what the fuck they want. They just came in and shut the gig down.

Thew Malaysian police force means business and are extremely well equipped to deal with civil outbursts, dissent and lawless gatherings – fuck with them at your own absolute peril

And you never got to play the show?
We were about to walk on stage, and then the cops just came through. We thought, being foreigners … in my previous experience in Malaysia, foreigners are always ok, you just show your ID and they’ll usually just leave you alone, but this time, for the first time ever, they just took all of us, all the foreigners and detained us all.

So you got hauled off to the jail yeah?
We got held, and then we all got piss tested and all of that. The males and females all got taken separately in these big police trucks, taken to the station.

So this was a big thing really?
It was a big thing. For myself, I’ve been in this situation before, I’ve been traveling there for a numerous amount of times, you know pulling my Malaysian friends out of jail, but for the guys that never … most of them hadn’t even been overseas before. You’re in a third-world country and it really is quite daunting, and it was always the same question we were all asking ourselves – are we going to be alright? Lucky though I have contacts there, I have family there, and we were able to wheel and deal our way out.

With these piss (drug) tests, do you think if the raid actually occurred after the show, would the situation have been worse?
Well they piss tested us … and yeah, I don’t know how much I should really say about that on ah, here. But hey, yeah we are in a punk band you know, and it’s possible that we do partake in certain things occasionally (laughs) but look, two people in our group, none of the band members, but two people in our entourage from Australia, their tests came up positive because of their habits back here in Australia. We were all sweet but they got chained up, so the next goal was when we eventually got let go, was for all of us who were negative … we had to then talk our way, get my cousin involved, and basically bribe all of our ways out of it.


Wow that’s fucking nuts. So yeah you’ve got Japan coming up but before that it the Dead Of Winter Festival which has kind of grown some serious momentum these last few years. What’s that festival really like?
Dead Of Winter Festival is just this underground, alternative ah, festival … at the Jubilee Hotel, which has five stages, so then you think well ‘how do you get five stages in the fucking Jubilee Hotel?’ – I don’t know but it just works. It’s set out really well, it’s almost perfect for the festival. It’s my favourite underground festival in Australia. You just go there and you always see so many great bands you’ve never heard of before, just the vibe’s really good, and there’s all genres of alternative music, so if you like alternative music you can’t really go wrong there. And they have burlesque there, and all sorts of creepy stuff which is cool.

And finally back to the video – do you think it captures the KTA experience? I mean if someone was to come to a show as a total noob what should they expect? Crazy like the video or even crazier?
Well, I think we’re just, we’re just a party band. We play, we have a good time, and hopefully our music will pump you up to have a good time. It’s pretty fast and aggressive but at the same time it’s just good-feeling music. We’re there, we’re all smiling on stage, and I think even if you’re not into the music you’ll come and watch us play, and drink a lot more piss, and have a huge smile on your face by the end of the gig //

Kill The Apprentice plays Jubilee Hotel in Fortitude Valley Brisbane, with Tumbleweed, LORD, Dreadnaught, Darkc3ll, A Breach Of Silence and about 50 other insane alternative bands – July 25th 2015
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KTA drummer Tommy Creeper interview with Triple J’s The Doctor after the Malaysian incidents


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