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Watch Mick Fanning’s First Wave Back At J-Bay


VIDEO: Returning to South Africa, a motivated Mick Fanning has hit the lineup at Jeffreys Bay for the first time since his incredible encounter with a great white shark at last year’s event.

“I just wanted to get back here and surf … a little bit of anxiety came up, a few different emotions, but um, once I got the wetsuit on and got the board ready, paddled out and, it was pretty much fun. Once you catch that first wave, you know, you just realise that it’s just, you know, a one-off incident, hopefully.” – Mick Fanning


Vid via Paul Daniel / RIP CURL

Fanning’s incident was one of the most talked about news stories on the planet last year after a frighting encounter with a great white shark during the final of the WSL J Bay Pro event.

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